Learn how you can run a free POC using any of our officeatwork Apps.

By this stage you like what the officeatwork App has to offer and you want to increase your circle of test users to gather even more feedback on how the App can improve your business outcomes.

What is the difference between a Trial licence and a purchased licence?

There are no feature differences between a Trial licence and a purchased licences. This means you will experience the same improved business outcomes as you would when using a purchased license.

Users using a Trial licence will NOT get tracked in our automated marketing tool. Users that are already tracked using an evaluation licence will continue to get tracked when using a Trial license.

How do I get hold of a Trial licence?
Just send us your Office 365 Tenant ID and let us know that you want to run a POC. Within a few hours (up to one workday) we should be able to activate the Trial licence for your tenant. There are absolutely no cost involved from our side as running Trials is a free offering of ours.

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