Learn more about how to evaluate officeatwork Apps using the free evaluation licence provided

When signing in to an officeatwork App using a Microsoft Work or School Account (Azure AD Account) the App will automatically assign an evaluation licence to you.

What is the difference between an evaluation licence and a payed subscription?

In general an evaluation licence will have all the features activated in the same way as you would experience them in the paid App. There are some differences though:

  • Users using an evaluation licence will get tracked in our automated marketing tool, allowing us to reach out and help them in their evaluation phase.
  • Using an evaluation licence will also activate some sample features in our App providing sample data for users to easily test the App without having to provide any samples data themselves. Most of this sample data will not be available in paid subscriptions.
  • Evaluation licences are not allowed to be used in a production fashion. You can of course try out the App together with your production Office 365 tenant - you should just not go beyond the phase of testing the App to learn about how it can improve your business outcomes. For everyday use of the App you need to purchase a subscription.
  • Some App specific settings can not be changed. So for instance in the Template Chooser App there is an option do disable OneDrive and Teams collections. This can not be done when using an evaluation license.

How long will my evaluation licence be active for?

Rule of thumb is that you should be done with testing in 1-2 months. We do understand that larger organizations will take much longer. In this case just let us know so that we can extend your evaluation period accordingly.

Can I run a POC?

Sure, we actually encourage prospects to run a proof of concept (POC). The idea here is that you invite a smaller group of users (maybe 5-10) to join you in testing the App. Learn more about running a POC here.

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