Client Suite

  • New feature: Support Views with Client Suite
  • Enhancement: Adjust installer to enable Outlook signatures for Outlook in the future


  • New feature: Support Content Controls in Contents


Client Suite

  • Issue fixed: Skipping document wizards causes the missing of master properties and custom fields
  • Issue fixed: After being edited, wizards show (custom) for some master properties fields in Personal Profile step
  • Issue fixed: Focus is on the previously selected language when a user creates a new document with More Templates
  • Issue fixed: Support folder translation with oaw.ini file in new Template Chooser


  • Issue fixed: Printing multiple recipients makes the recipient change in the document
  • Issue fixed: Two signature frames are displayed in a dcml-generated document after formula in the template is modified

Smart-Template Manager

  • Issue fixed: Styles are read from Normal.dotm

Smart-Template Updater

  • Issue fixed: Scriptor.xml file in Smart-Template survives update with the same encoding